Meet the Cast

Jason Jason Chow

A self-proclaimed bad boy, Jason defies authority at every turn. Teachers and administrators admire his big personality, but worry that his bad habits and miscreant behavior will influence his peers.


Tszlok Tsz Nok Lin

A student whose vision has degenerated to the point of total blindness last year, Tsz Nok faces the challenge of adapting to life without eyesight while confronting his family’s shame about his disability.


Tab Tabitha Chan

Tabitha was the only one among her friends not being admitted to a top tier secondary school. She constantly feels she can’t measure up to her friends at better schools, and is ashamed to be in an academically underperforming secondary school.


Hoyin Ho Yin Hui

Like Tabitha, Ho Yin did not make the cut for the top tier secondary schools, but puts on a strong front and creates mischief to avoid acknowledging his true feelings of shame at having repeated a year of school.


Calvin Calvin Chu

Calvin is indifferent towards everything, especially his studies. His participation in the musical requires him to commit himself in ways he never has before.


Siufan Sio Fan Lam

Sio Fan may not be able to see, but her hard work proves to her peers and instructors that her blindness is not a disability.


Coby Coby Wong

“Talented” is possibly the last word Coby would use to describe herself. When she cast as the lead in the show, she fears her lack of self-confidence and inability to concentrate will inhibit her ability to perform.


WingWing Wing Wing Chan

A recent immigrant from mainland China, Wing Wing wishes she could find someone to turn to. Out of place among her Cantonese-speaking classmates and frequently at odds with her parents, Wing Wing longs to feel included.


Jessica Jessica Kwok

A high school dropout, Jessica avoided academics and hard work. Now, she has realized the importance of acquiring an education, and has returned to school to start eighth grade.



NickHo02Nick Ho

A teacher turned playwright and director, who believes in the transformative power of musical theater, challenges the students in the musical troupe to embrace their unique characters wholeheartedly.


_DSC8727Ken Kwan

Ken, musical director, encourages the students to utilize their personal experiences to connect with their characters. He pushes each student to get outside of his or her comfort zone and take the stage without fear.


_DSC1917Emily Chung

Emily, music director, sets a bold example of self-expression through song.





Carol Kwong – HKSKH Bishop Hall Secondary School Principal
Bella Leung – SKH Tsoi Kung Po Secondary School Principal
Fanny Lam, BBS – CEO of Ebenezer School & Home for the Visually Impaired
Ka Fung Ng – SKH Holy Carpenter Secondary School Principal

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