Producer  –  Ada Ho

Ada Ho is currently the Executive Director of L plus H Fashion, a community interest company established in 2009 to create job opportunities for under-served people. With the vision in building up a modern factory manufacturing for world brands and its own brand driven by strong product development and industrial engineering, L plus H incubates a new generation of fashion designers, technicians, garment workers and entrepreneurs for Hong Kong. In the process, the label “Made in Hong Kong” is constantly being re-vitalized and re-defined.

In 2013, L plus H Creations Foundation was founded. The mission of the Foundation is using professional theatrical performances (musicals, drama, filming) to strengthen underprivileged teenagers’ self-confidence, discipline, motivation and team spirit. The performing art training is integrated with positive values and character education. Ho is also Producer for the annual large-scale musical and for the documentary film “My Voice, My Life.”

Ho previously worked in the business sector in strategic planning, management consulting, and currency derivatives trading at various international corporations. In response to the 8.0-magnitude earthquake of Sichuan in May 2008, she founded the Hong Kong Special Music Squad that provided music and play therapy to almost 20,000 victims within a month. She then rolled out an experimental community reconstruction program that aimed to create community engagement, build social capital, and generate local leadership in pilot settlement areas of the hardest-hit regions. In recognition of her social innovation in Sichuan, Ho was honored with the “Humanitarian Award” in 2008 by the Women’s International Film and Television Showcase in Los Angeles.

She is a weekly columnist at the Hong Kong Economic Journal, and in 2008 published a book “Out of the Wilderness: the Art of Leadership.”

Ho holds a Master in Public Policy degree at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, and a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service degree at Georgetown University.

Associate Producer  – Candy Chan 


Candy Chan graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from San Francisco State University. She worked for several overseas Chinese media platforms, including television productions, radio, newspapers and other related industries. Prior to working as associate producer on the documentary, “My Voice, My Life,” she served as the assistant PR & Event manager with the Hong Kong-Asia Film Financing Forum.

Main Cinematographer – Siu Ki Yip 


A member of the Hong Kong Society of Cinematographers, Siu Ki Yip studied applied photography at the Hong Kong Polytechnic Swire School of Design. From 1987, he has been employed at Asia Television Ltd. (ATV), CTV, National Broadcasting Company (NBC), The Standard, as well as Next Magazine, amongst other broadcasting networks and magazines. In 2000, he founded the SKY Workshop Ltd., specializing in film production, television commercials and documentaries. Yip has taught part-time at the Shantou University School of Journalism and Communication, the Macau Polytechnic Institute School of Design, as well as the Journalism and Media Studies Centre, HKU. Yip was invited to be a judge at the 2007 Macau Film Festival for local independent films and videos, and was also the judge for the 33rd Hong Kong Film Awards. In 2014, he became one of the executive committee members for the Hong Kong Society of Cinematographers.

Composer – Brian Keane

Robert Ellis-Geiger

Brian Keane is an award-winning American composer, music producer, musician and guitarist. Collectively, Keane has scored over a hundred award-winning documentaries and films, including sixteen Emmy winners for best documentary or series, nine Peabody Award winning films, five Oscar nominated films, and one Academy Award winning film. He wrote the music for Director Ruby Yang’s Academy Award winning film “The Blood of Yingzhou District.”

Composer – Robert Ellis-Geiger


Robert Ellis-Geiger is a multiple award nominee, Hong Kong-based film composer, conductor, musician and score produce. He has been twice nominated for Hong Kong Golden Bauhinia film awards for his work on the critically acclaimed Director Johnnie To’s “Election 2” (2006) and Patrick Tam’s “After This Our Exile” (2006).


Editor – Man Chung Ma
Vincent pic 2

Experienced documentary editor. “My Voice, My Life” is Ma’s fourth collaboration with Director Ruby Yang. Ma also edited Yang’s “The Blood of Yingzhou District,” “The Warriors of Qiugang” and “Julia’s Story.”

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