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lhf-logo---dark-background-01Lee Hysan Foundation is a private family foundation established in Hong Kong in 1973. For over 40 years the Foundation has actively supported meaningful and impactful charity initiatives in Hong Kong, covering various sectors including (i) Education, (ii) Arts and Culture, (iii) Environment, and (iv) Health and Social Welfare. The Foundation’s focus is on initiatives that benefit Hong Kong in a precise, identifiable and catalytic manner, in particular projects that fill service gaps in government welfare and services of mainstream non-profit organizations.

Lee Hysan Foundation hopes to kick-start a positive social movement based on the messages that “My Voice, My Life” carries. The documentary challenges the audience to re-evaluate their views on the education system —- is Hong Kong too ‘academically’ focused? Should educators focus on a more all-rounded, team and character building approach with Arts education as an effective platform? Should we encourage and enhance the element of ‘positivity’ in the relationships between students, teachers and parents?

Being a keen supporter of Chinese documentaries, Lee Hysan Foundation believes a documentary like “My Voice, My Life” can facilitate cultural exchange between Hong Kong and the rest of the world, reflecting on the reality of its culture and people. The Foundation’s aim is to support platforms that will give voice to individuals who have poured their hearts and souls into capturing social issues on film and to promote these meaningful films to a much wider audience.

Cecilia Ho, President of Lee Hysan Foundation, says, “We believe that a high quality documentary like “My Voice, My Life” can touch people’s hearts, making them reflect on their lives and to take constructive action. Instead of actors playing scripted parts, a documentary stars real people with real stories, making the reality and messages conveyed all the more powerful.”

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